Use of Druk Trace App

Announcement: Use of “Druk Trace” Mobile App for COVID-19 Contact Tracing. 

In addition to the registration of visitor’s contact information in the log registers by respective offices, it is to request all individuals and visitors that KHEL had implemented the use of “Druk Trace” Mobile App developed by government at all KHEL premises. The following Quick Response (QR) Codes have been generated and placed at various KHEL establishments in Yangtse, New Doksum Town, Korlung, Dukulung, Samdrup Jongkhar and Thimphu:

Sl. # QR Code Labels Adopted Location-wise Description
1 KHEL TY11, Yangtse Town Building 1: Offices of Managing Director & Director (Technical).
2 KHEL TY12, Yangtse Town Building 1: Offices of Director (Finance) and Personnel & Administration Department.
3 KHEL TY13, Yangtse Town Building 1: Conference Hall & Old ICT Office.
4 KHEL TY21, Yangtse Town Building 2: Offices of Joint Managing Director and ICT.
5 KHEL TY22, Yangtse Town Building 2: Offices of EM&HM and Environment and R&R.
6 KHEL TY31, Yangtse Town Building 3: Offices of EIC-KC1, Procurement & Contracts and Store, Workshop & Transport.
7 KHEL ND11, New Doksum Town Building 1: Offices Infra Wing and Construction Power Decision at New Doksum Town (NDT).
8 KHEL KL11, Korlung, Trashi Yangtse Building 2: Office of Main Civil Works (MCW), Korlung, Trashi Yangtse
9 KHEL DU11, Dukulung, Trashi Yangtse Building 1: Dukulung Guest House, Dukulung, Trashi Yangste.
10 KHEL SJ11, Samdrup Jongkhar Building 1: Liaison Office and Transit Guest House, Samdrup Jongkhar.
11 KHEL TH11, Thimphu Building 1: Liaison Office and Transit Guest House, Thimphu.

Therefore, all the visitors are kindly requested to scan QR Codes using Druk Trace App while visiting KHEL establishments.

To use the Druk Trace Mobile App:

  1. Download and install the App from
  2. Register
  3. Use the Druk Trace App to scan the QR codes


For any assistance, kindly contact ICT Office or any other KHEL Official.